Friday, 5 September 2008

Is it Friday already???

Seems I am getting regular with blogging on Fridays! :)

Thoughts of today? Done some housework (been up and down to the loft for a bit, been to the Plastic & Clothes bank and arranged to get my last Zolly prescription sorted - the docs only gave me 2 last time in error - so picked up the 3rd today), have been doing the washing up and emptying/filling the dishwasher.

Then I searched again for my Christmas Planner... printed most prompts and cleaning info off in 2005 but couldn't find it all week when I was searching for it. Printed a couple more prompts off and found birthday presents for FIL.

Oh, and found some nice crafty Christmas planners (via links from above), printed off the instructions and will have a go at that at some point.

Now I just have to make 3 birthday cards. Will do that tomorrow some time.

Now DH and I will be off to do our 2nd session of the Killer - 60 - mins - Cardio in a bit... am still sore from Wednesday, but it's not too bad. Will get better with repetition ... (or so SHE hopes).

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