Friday, 12 September 2008

Day before crop

...and I should be packing my bag really. And print photos. And prep other stuff, like...oh, don't know... JOURNALLING??

Been to an early scan today, everything going fine, still on Zolly for a couple more months. They found fluid in the womb which has been there for quite some time, but they can't do anything about it unless they're going for a laparoscopy (AGAIN .. would be ... err... number 4-5 for me??) and as it's not doing anything bad to my body they are not going down that route.

Dropped off DH at work with TONS of biccies from Burton's I got yesterday and then went for a quick shop (lunches for me are sorted for next week) and decided against getting card stock at the shop on Slateford road, and also against popping into Stampers Grove to pick up my ordered Cuttlebug embossing folders. Means I have to go tomorrow during the crop after all, but at least I don't have the hassle about where to park the car and pay for it as well.

Got my new "ScrapArtZine" from Germany and will have a read before I get stuff done for tomorrow and prepare dinner.


Dörte said...

Hi Kat ... wieso ist die SAZ eher bei dir im weit entfernten Schottland, als bei mir in Deutschland ?? Ich wusste ja, dass ich auf dem Land wohne ... aber soweit auf dem Land ?? Wünsche dir einen schönen Crop ! Ich fahre jetzt zum Stempel-Mekka nach Hagen !

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat, glad things with you guys sound like they are going well. I envy you the holiday to the US but then again, I'll get more holidays once Struan grows up! Can you believe it is 16 days until his first birthday?! Hope you survive the cardio (I'm only doing 30 mins 3 times a week so I understand) and you have a good weekend. Love, Livvy and family.