Monday, 15 September 2008

Don't do much on Mondays...

as it seems.

At least not for myself. I usually get some stuff done in the kitchen (like washing up, emptying and filling the dishwasher, put on a wash, hang up washing, cook dinner and prepare much work lunches).

But do I get done anything crafty? Do I EVER!! :( So I am planning to take up my dinner and make the 3 birthday cards I have been trying to do for AGES! 2 belated birthdays and one still to come. Also plan on preparing my recipe cards for the Christmas Cupcake/Muffin Recipe Swap on UKS. Let's hope I'll get at least the birthday cards done, eh?

Probably spend too much time on the PC/laptop ... and I believe with the craft area still being a mess (YES, I KNOW!!!! :o) ) it doesn't really get me in a crafty mood. Won't be able to clear out the room before October though, with Britbowl and my annual trip down to London looming... :o AND we've got our Awards Night for the Junior and Senior Wolves the first weekend in October ... and I have to think of something fast for the actual awards for the players to take away... ummmm....

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