Monday, 30 June 2008

Nope, still nothing...

And I have the funny feeling that there won't be anything coming (period) tomorrow either. As I said, my body temp seems to have gone up and this wasn't one of the side effects from Cyclogest or the impending period in the past. Or did the temp go up at the chemical pregnancy last year? Would have to check with DH. :o

I've just spent approx. 2 hours to scan 88 photos from our first Florida trip in September 1999. That's 6 or 8 (?) packs of photos down (still at a time when DH made me print duplicates! :o Think I did that until 2002/2003...) and lots more to come. :) I will try to scan approx 5-10 packs of photos per week until I have done all the photos in my 2 boxes.

In between I'll sort the photos into proper Photo boxes (from Cropper Hopper etc.) and make sure I burn CDs and do the back up on the external hard drive.

And then I just have to scrap ... oops! :)

What brought that on? Apart from me not being happy with my current photo storage for ages already that is? It's Doerte's CJ (German) with the theme "What is my favourite holiday destination?" Due to the several trips to US & Canada since I met DH I wanted to show lots of photos from there ... but funny enough, since I moved to Digi I only took photos from our Halloween Trip in 2005 ... and as I have taken already sooo many Disney photos in the past, I didn't bother taking more ... and of course the fact that I accidentally formatted the CF card 1/2 way in the holiday ... That still hurts me, and we have to go back to do the same tour at Kennedy Space Centre again, as well as going to Ohio with a visit at the Football Hall of Fame and the Adamsons. Just happened because it was just 1 month I had the Canon 350D (my first digi) and I thought change format would be through the option "format" ... well... of course this did something totally different!!! :( We spoke to photo developing shops in Florida afterwards, to see if we can save the photos, but apparently this only works if you have deleted the photos ... not formatted the card.

Ah well... that's already 2.5 years ago, and the card has been formatted (on purpose!) since.

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