Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Not again....

Scan number 1 - lots of eggies (think we counted approx 13 in the right ovary alone!) and fairly big sizes. Lining is fairly thick as well.

However, when the doc was counting the eggs and giving the sizes (between 7 and 10.5mm) I kinda got worried about OHSS.

Had the blood taken for hormone levels and did the daily injection at the clinic before heading to work. Phoned the clinic at lunchtime and the nurse just confirmed my suspicions. Not really OHSS yet, but close enough for them deciding I've to half the amoung of powdery vials from 3 to 1.5 and I am taking 2 liquid vials instead of 1.

DH has already said "Same as last year then" - he doesn't understand that they always start my menopour that high...the only thing I can think of is the fact that I have been on Zolly for down regging and they don't know how good my body will respond. It's the opposite of a trip to the hairdressers, where you ask them to cut a little bit first and then you can increase the inches getting cut off.... ;)

Upping the water intake and will be googling what else is suggested in that situation (obviously!!!). Next scan is on Friday, and the EC is pencilled in for Wednesday. I have already told work that I'll be working Monday/Tuesday next week.

Talking of work ... having another work mate being pregnant doesn't help much, but having her throwing in the "if it's meant to be it's meant to be", "have you thought about adoption?", "I know other women are bigger than you and conceive - maybe you're just not healthy for it?" (ok, she's about twice my size and I am doing detox/back to gym/swim... now WHO is healthy???) etc. is even worse and rubs me the wrong way. ACK! I am not too happy when people think they know what position I am in just because it took them very long to NATURALLY conceive and give "good advice". Yes, she had miscarriages (weight problem?) in the past, but still... It's blimming different to being able to naturally get a baby (and she has already a daughter) and to know that you are relying on all those different doctors looking into your innards, injecting yourself with hormones, just skidding past OHSS, painful EC, hoping all is going well (embryos doing cell division as they're supposed to), having ET and then of course the 2 weeks wait.

It is different when you know DAY 1 of your PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)! Reading into any signs/symptoms which could be either way from the pessaries, aunt flo about to turn up and being pregnant.


Ok... had to let that out.

And then my sis is dropping the info of her having to look into my mum getting some form of disability stuff sorted. I know I know, she doesn't know the grading and one of my friends I think is classified mildly disabled due to arthritis, but it's still a bomb, isn't it?? Will know more tomorrow.

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