Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Day 4 after 3dt

It's 1 week after egg collection now, so I believe we're getting to the "implantation" stage hopefully. :) Knicker checking every couple of hours, no blood at all so far. PHEW! Had cramps and back pain yesterday afternoon, like period coming along, but more or less gone today.

Have been reading everyday about 2ww signs and making myself totally mental that way!! :( At least I don't have the OHSS pain anymore, just sometimes it hurts when I am twisting or stretching a bit weird. So that's good.

The "bullets" cause problems this time round, but will stick to using them as prescribed... burning and itching (sorry, TMI). :o Still 1 more week to go though ... hope I will be able to survive. :o

Just back from lunch with my friend and ex-colleague Fiona at the Gyle. Felt a bit funny on the 20 mins bus ride and am still not 100% right. Definitely good I've taken off time work for the 2ww again.

Lots of talk about work but even more so about her wedding plans! :D She got engaged in Berlin ... and wee stupid here didn't have a card at hand. Ah well, we're planning to meet again end of July, so will have one ready then.

Think I am going to have a try at the CJ entries now ... really have to get them out of the way soon. Feeling already guilty... :o

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Anam_Kihaku said...

sending our love and fingers crossed all the way for you.