Thursday, 5 June 2008

Let's get stimming!! :)

This morning was the first injection due ... and because I am working 2 days per week and the injections should be done approx the same time I've decided to do the "needlework" around 7:45am . HUH! Not very nice on my days off and the weekend, specially if you cannot fall asleep again afterwards as the whole thing feels like either chemistry or cooking class... take 1 vial of liquid, flick down liquid into bottom part, break vial neck, attach big needle to syringe, pull up liquid with syringe, fill 1st vial with powder, mix, pull up solution and fill 2nd vial,mix, pull up in syringe, fill 3rd vial, mix, pull up in syringe, change needle, flick out all air bubbles, squeeze tummy fat, wipe with alcoholic wipe, inject, dispose of syringe/needle/alcoholic wipe.

And all that takes approx 10 mins. And that's only for the 1st injection! From 12th I have to inject the down regging (shutting down) stuff as well as the Zolly will be at its end then. AAAH, joy!

But all went well. Just feels funny, as I did that the last time in May 2007 ... the last cycle was a natural FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), so no injecting at all.

Have been to my "voodoo" person, Julia, and as usual the session turned into a bit of a Psychology sesh as well.... :) I am just fed up with everything, from my gran dying this year, over my mum being in hospital for 5 weeks so far and all the scares we get from there (and being totally helpless as I am up here) and then the whole IVF stuff. Filling in the first of the forms made me realise that we've been trying for a baby without and with IVF for 6 (!!!!) years now!! SCARY, isn't it??

And Julia is not that happy with my tongue ... and that after me doing detox for a week already! :o

Problem is my Endo and the recurring cyst ... while others are having approx 2 shots at IVF per year, I seem to get only 1 fresh per year as the rest of the time I have a cyst that needs drained and may come back etc.

ANYWAY! Nice day, off to do some washing - hopefully can hang up some stuff outside.

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