Friday, 20 June 2008

ET @ 3day

Our embies were good, had 7 eight cells grade 2 embies, 2 got back on board and 4 are getting frozen and the last one is a bit "off" so that's going to be a donation to medicine I think. :)

Got pain in right ovary which is very enlarged (swollen), and have to set injections to prevent blood clotting as well as my hormone level is very high. Back in clinic for Wednesday.

Had acupuncture straight after ET and Julia is fairly happy with me, but wants to see me again on Friday ... first time we're trying twice during 2ww.

Now just have to take things easy and flop on the couch I'd say. :)

Shame I won't be able to go on the Annual Fun Road Trip of the Wolves down to Merseyside (it's a themed Trip, last year was "Baby's day out" and this time it's "The 80s/Fitness DVD/Kids from Fame"). This would have even been a theme I'd dress up for!! :D

Hope the "boys" will cope ok without either Doug or me and will bring home another win!!!

Oh ... and we're testing on CANADA DAY!!! :D


Heather said...

Ooh - sounds promising. FIngers crossed.

Lars said...

Fingers crossed too< Kat. Thinking of you and Doug.

Anonymous said...

keeping everything crossed for you both