Wednesday, 25 June 2008

One more week to go ....

Been to the clinic this morning for a "non-invasive scan" (so ... no dildo cam ... ROTFL) which is totally new after all the internal scans during IVF and cyst problems etc. Suppose... since yesterday I am at the "implantation stage" I think, so they don't want to interrupt anything. :D

Couldn't find any fluid, and the right ovary is back to normal size (and the left one was hiding again). Have to keep taking Clexane until Sunday though (prevent blood clotting). Haydeh also took blood (love it when she has to do it - she gets my veins normally at once) and I have to call them in 10 to get the result (i.e. whether I have to go back before our test date for more OHSS scans). Don't think they could give me info on the outcome of the cycle yet. :(

Was feeling a bit nauseous and had heartburn this morning... Could all be signs of all 3 things - Cyclogest, aunt flo arriving or being pregnant. It's just not FAIR!! :(

Went to Dobbies after hospital (DH took bus to work), got some PaperMania stuff there (couldn't get the Oriental paper pad ... :( ) and tasted the infused vinegars again ... love that stuff!! :) And succumbed Yankee Candle Tarts again ... oops! Lovely smelly stuff though. Oh, and they have opened up the back - a very big restaurant now, and more books and clothing as well.

Am upstairs, eating lunch and then will try to do the 2 CJ entries for Dani's Forum. And maybe a little more scrapping... but have to clear the desk first.

As for "Scrap your day" - I forgot to take a photo of the clock this morning, and of my breakfast... hohummm.... Brain's not really available right now. ;)

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