Monday, 24 June 2013

We’re going to the zoo…

Today started fairly well, I got the girls ready after hubby fed them their breakfast, all changed and clothed, teeth brushed and faces clean, loaded them into the car and drove to playgroup with only 15 mins delay from start time (well, it’s an “open” group, you can arrive whatever time you want) – just to walk the girls to the door and find it locked.

That teaches me to stay away from playgroup for about 4 weeks again due to holiday and illnesses (incl. suspected Rubella for Miss Martian). Ah well, walked the girls back to the car and promised them a trip to the zoo if the weather stays ok.

And after a few Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes and lunch we actually DID drive to the zoo. Parked in the parking areas on the greenways (which meant we had to be back to move the car for 4pm, otherwise I could expect a fine) close to the zoo and walked to the front door. Yes – we walked. No buggy involved – that’s our first time at the Edinburgh Zoo without a buggy – and just with me and the girls. Now, for anyone who DOESN’T know Edinburgh Zoo: It’s situated on a hill with a steep incline.  I wasn’t too sure the girls would manage more than 1 hour walking, but they did me proud.

We walked via the Sea Eagles and the painted dogs (who were nowhere to be seen) towards the monkey house (the girls wanted to go there), had a quick look around and then went to the “big entertainment” for the girls at the zoo (seems to be at the moment at least) – PENGUIN ROCK!

The underwater section is just fun, the girls are always getting totally excited when the penguins are coming out of the green towards them at the glass. Smile 


Miss Martian was quite tempted by the queue for the Pandas, but while we were offered a slot to see them today (4pm) I had to decline due to our parking situation. I am sure we will see the Pandas this summer, though.


Next was a quick trip up to the play park at Penguin Rock, where both girls were going down the slides and climbing up bars etc, while I was taking photos of the penguins (lots of chicks about at the moment)


The king penguin in the left picture is going through the molt, i.e. he’s losing his old feathers and new ones are pushing through.

Our timings for the zoo visit were again perfect, as we got to see the penguin parade again (this time only Rockhopper Penguins I think, couldn’t see any Gentoos (my favorites) or King Penguins). The girls are always getting very excited as the penguins are walking past them very closely! Smile 

2013-06-24 14.19.29

After an ice cream (soft ice in a cone to share for the girls) and a bit of a tantrum from Supergirl we got back to the car in time to avoid getting ticketed.

I’m so glad we went (and loved the fact I didn’t have to push the buggy and fight with the girls who want to walk instead of sit in it) despite the weather being very grey and constantly looking like a downpour was about to start.

And I got one more of the Scavenger Hunt items off the list … Open-mouthed smile


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this post!!! We went to the Edinburgh Zoo about a dozen years ago and saw the penguin parade. Thanks for bringing those memories back. I still need to get up to the zoo myself.

Alison said...

Well done to you and your Little Misses for walking....hope you DO get to see the pandas!
Alison xx