Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Typical Scottish Summer….

Yeah… that’s how I know it. We get nice days, we get used to it, plan around it, and then we get another colder day with barely sun and threatened showers.

Arrrrgh!! Really could do without that! Ah well, twins are asleep right now, they went in the garden for some play earlier, but not in the paddling pool I pumped up yesterday when it was really warm/hot in the sun and there were barely clouds out.

It was that good that I sent hubby to get the electrical pump - the paddling pool is “slightly” bigger than I thought, our foot pump is at 50% capacity with some holes (i.e. my Asthma lungs were asked to do their work) and we have a small bouncy castle still in the box in the shed, which I assume to be much bigger after I’ve seen the paddling pool!!!

The girls  had great fun yesterday, I barely could get Supergirl out of the pool, while Miss Martian came back indoors after a while, she’s got an ear infection at the moment with higher temp, the wee mite.
2013-06-04 14.18.442013-06-04 14.46.322013-06-04 14.47.582013-06-04 14.48.33

Let's hope that we'll get lots more nice days like yesterday - it was supposed to be nice until the weekend, but assume we have to add the "shoreline" factor for us... :(

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Alison said...

Have just had a lovely catch up Kat...your girls are so cute! Hopefully there will be more time in the paddling pool to come...and glad to see you're joining in with Rinda's Scavenger Hunt!
Alison xx