Monday, 17 June 2013

Day after nasty migraine…

Was more the “aura” (black spots and tingly fingers/lips) than the headache yesterday, but really got me as I haven’t had an attack with aura lasting longer than 1-2 hours this year. Yes, got lots of tension headaches, but I can deal with that – just not the aura!!

Today I’m knackered… just fully exhausted, and my eyes feel like I haven’t slept at all (well.. the whole body is in that mode, to be honest!!).

Girls are a bit grotty, too, as we had a fairly early riser again in Supergirl (5:45) who wouldn’t go back to sleep, even when I took her through into our bed. She was more like a dog turning and turning to get the right place to lie down – but she did that for 1.5 hours – during which I was awake. Sad smile

Now we’re watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I hope the sun will break through the clouds so the girls can go out in the garden for a bit, too.

Wish me luck…

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