Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Plan for tonight

Once the girls are asleep that is and if I’m not feeling too tired! Smile 

Been watching a lot of Shimelle’s “Sketch to Scrapbook Page videos on youtube, and she has been scrapping a couple of her WDW photos. I know I have TONS of them, the most recent not printed but I have lots in boxes upstairs from trips from 1999 onwards. And I quite fancy scrapping them now.

So, tonight I’ll go and get the 2 big boxes and smaller Cropper Hopper boxes and will sort through the photos – one box will then end up just American Football photos I think (Scottish Claymores, Frankfurt Galaxy, Edinburgh Wolves …) and then leave the other photos in the other box/es.

Yes, that’s usually one of my problems when going to a crop – I “don’t have” photos – which is of course wrong, it’s just that I haven’t got them handy.

For Saturday’s Edinburgh Crop I got 150 photos newly printed (mix of old and new date wise) plus still some leftover ones from the last print. Plus I then will be able to take my Disney photos with me too (hopefully, if all goes well tonight).  YAY! Update on that undertaking will be given tomorrow…

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