Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Not 100% as planned…

but still managed to get some photo sorting done.

DH decided to do an impromptu defrosting of our freezer as we had some issues with storage yesterday morning.

So I started at 10pm to sort through some photos. Got through most of one box, which was mostly Football photos, so just took out the non-football ones, got them “labelled” (just a quick note-it on it with year/month and what it is) and stored in a RUB (really useful box) 5L.

Think I’ll have another go tonight after the gym with the 2nd big box which most likely has more non-football photos in. I still have to find my folder with some of the negatives so I can store the others. Somehow I thought that the year if not month is noted on the negatives, but that’s not how it works. So some photos might be guess work… *sigh*

Twins will be off to the grandparents tomorrow lunch until Saturday, so I can catch up with some tidying, decluttering and scrapbooking. Things like that are currently impossible with the girls around, as both Supergirl and Miss Martian are very inquisitive and want to see /touch everything or are clingy and want to hold my hand/sit on my knee etc. Hope that will pass soon!!!

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Alison said...

A very jealous of you going to a crop...sounds as though you're getting there with the photo organisation!
Alison xx