Monday, 17 June 2013

Geesh, what weather?!?!

It was supposed to be warm, and sunny … and all that. Well, it’s overcast, not that warm (had hoped to fill up the girls’ paddling pool again) and just managed to mow the lawn but don’t trust the weather to hold to hang out a wash – so onto the clothes horse it is with the load. Sad smile 

The girls helped me with the mowing, have been carrying the cable for me, however, I felt like they tried to corral me! Winking smile 

No headaches, no aura today (YAY!), just feeling shattered – which seems to be the going rate the day after an attack.

Was hoping to sort through some stash tomorrow (embellies), but have to pop into town for 2 things and go to the gym, so I see only a short time doing the sorting.

Will post something on the matter of embellishments soon…

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Alison said...

Hope you're feeling better, Kat...and that the sun comes back soon! No sun here today either..had a huge storm in the night, which has cleared the air though
Alison xx