Wednesday, 15 April 2009


We're on our annual trip to Germany. And I am getting more and more the feeling we really need to increase the time we're here to 2 weeks ... or maybe come down twice a year.

First time ever we (well I) went straight from work to the airport with a quick "fly by" at home to pick up the bags. DH had only 1/2 day at work and finished the packing etc, while the inlaws picked me up at 3:15pm. We were already a bit concerned as the weather was getting a bit foggy (well... let's face it, "Athur's Seat" was totally hidden when I got out of the office!) but flight was not cancelled.

We went into the "Servisair" lounge as usual (another bonus having an RBS Gold account), this time it was cheese and crackers (we usually get the breakfast there). I liked the cracked pepper crackers!! ;)

Arriving at Frankfurt in the mist/fog as well ... seeing my mum after the last OP was great, although she's shrunk about 5 cm (through the back OP?) - first time she's smaller than me! And she's lost weight as well (well done, Mutsch!!). To be honest, after the whole medical journey for her I am just glad to see her up and about!!!

Well, let's just hope the weather gets better while we're here ... apparently it was 24 degrees Celsius on Tuesday/Wednesday!!

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