Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day 1: SB Shopping & meet 2nd part of family

Today we went shopping at the "Stempelmeer" - an SB shop which is 35 mins by car from my mum (and I only knew of its existence since 2007!!). It's my usual place to get my "Stamping Bellas" although I was already worried they wouldn't carry them anymore as I couldn't find ANYTHING about Bellas on their website. :o

I had arranged for one of the editors of the "Scrap-Art-Zine" (SAZ), Jana, to meet up who visited her hubby in Frankfurt. Was absolutely fun, we had a chat about stash, the fact that I forgot to extend my SAZ sub (I promise I will re-sub, Jana & Nat!! LOL), SB trends etc. Really fun!! But of course forgot to take a photo of us two together!!! :( Then went shopping - 5 Bellas, 2 Mags, 1 Maya Road stamp tin "Cupcakes" and 2 "smellalicious" scented embossing powders from Gel-a-tins ("Chocolate Bliss" & "Apple Fresh") and I was €103 poorer. ;) That's the stamps, I tell you!! :) I don't think that's counting towards the "100 Projects" on Dani's forum ... does it, girls?

In the afternoon we went to Frankfurt to meet up with my Dad and Jutta for the obligatory "Kaffee & Kuchen" and then dinner. And as usual we helped my dad with computer stuff as well. ;) That's becoming a theme here now ... my mum usually has either a new electric item (multimedia) in the household which DH's then connecting properly and my dad usually has questions about some PC program. :D

For dinner we went to "Zum Loewen" in Sossenheim - it's quite funny, we usually go to a new place every time we visit my dad & Jutta and that way I get to know new restaurants around here. I had "Gebratene Schweinelendchen with Pepper Apple cider sauce" and Spaetzle (small lumpy pasta from southwest Germany). DH had the "Grillplatte" (best you can do if you like German meats - nice mix of everything). LOVED the look of the thing my dad had - Tapas German style ("Suelze" = meats in aspic, "Handkaes mit Musik" = very smelly cheese with a vinegar & onion dressing (*I* don't like it at all!!), Bratwurst = German sausage for grilling, "Leiterchen" = similar to spare ribs but are the smaller ones in the middle of the chest, King Prawn Thai sweet Chili (ok, not really German!) and Tafelspitz mit Gruener Sosse ("Grie Soss' ") = prime boiled beef with a herb sauce (detailed in the next post). Our waitress explained that they introduced these Tapas for foreign tourists or people who go to the Exhibitions/Fairs in Frankfurt and who would like to sample German food but as they don't know if they'd like it they don't want to order a full platter.

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sharonfruit said...

Oooh, I should have asked you to get me some Bellas. The exchange rate isn't the best at the moment when buying direct!

S xx