Friday, 3 April 2009

Post OP day...

OP yesterday went fine - and I only call it an OP because I was under GA (general anesthetics). No pain just feeling shattered from the GA.

They have not found anything, and because of that didn't do a D&C either. So I wonder what they are going to tell me what their next steps are. I am not willing to shell out lots of money again just to get another negative. :(

I've got a stuffed nose and sore throat, but I think it's more a cold coming along (DH has sinusitis right now) than from the OP.

Will take it easy and stay in bed today ... should be back to normal tomorrow (apart from cold obviously). Was glad to have my anesthesist who "diagnosed" my difficult intubation last year, Dr Burns, attending my OP yesterday. She also told me that my mum's allergy to anesthetics components is not hereditary and that I had 2 of the components she's allergic to in my other GAs in the past so no probs whatsoever. PHEW. :)

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Anonymous said...

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