Saturday, 18 April 2009

Day 3 - Croatian Food and more shopping

Mmmh... since we're here the weather is grey, misty and rainy... that's after they had around 24 degrees Celsius on Tuesday/Wednesday!! Typical!! ;)

Today we skipped breakfast (well... I had the last 2 Easter Eggs - hard boiled) because we were still full and because we decided to go for a pre-birthday bash with my mum's 2 best friends. And we went to the restaurant we traditionally go to for my mum's birthday - "Zagreb" in Kriftel, which is Croatian food. YUMMM!!! And you REALLY have to skip breakfast (and/or dinner) when you go there. Really filling fayre and yummie! It's one of the things I miss in Edinburgh - Greek and Croatian restaurants, and "proper" Italian restaurants. And they are celebrating 40 (?) years in Kriftel now!

I tell you, my tummy is trained by WW - I had to stop 1/2 way through with food, so DH and I asked for a "doggy bag". ;)

After lunch we had a quick look at cars (and DH just couldn't understand that the car showrooms are closed on a Saturday afternoon in Germany!) - my mum is planning on getting a new car and we suggested one that's got a higher seating so she doesn't get trouble with her back in the future. As the showroom was closed we decided we're going back on Monday or Tuesday and so we dropped my mum off at home and went shopping again - I decided it's better to buy her birthday present today instead of Monday morning when she's up and about when we get up - shopping for birthday presents on the actual birthday looks a bit off!! ;)

And while we were there I bought a couple more travel books for my collection... *blush* It's quite interesting, I've never travelled alot IN Germany while I was living here, definitely not "close to home", but now with DH I feel more and more that I should see more of my "Vaterland". And with some of the girls on Dani's Forum showing photos of their trips to the North Sea etc.... just gives me ideas. DH and I already agreed we would go on holidays in Germany or UK once we have kids, but with our ongoing story with the IVF I think we should maybe think about it now.

Oh ... and I changed my mind about going to Rome/Venice/Naples this year ... they have the Cowparade in Rome next year, so would LOVE to go then - and could plan something with Sharon so we go on holidays as planned before but won't be able to do this year as she's planned to do a trip of a lifetime!! ;)

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sharonfruit said...

We've got a really good local Greek restaurant that we'll have to go to when you visit :o)

Haven't found a Croatian one yet :o/

S xx