Wednesday, 22 April 2009

1st day back

Well... we arrived back home yesterday at around 11pm - and I woke up with a migraine this morning (no surprise... I had already headaches during the day and on the flight).

Anyway... I got an ice pack, some mint oil and decided to take tablets to get the migraine at the beginning, so I wouldn't lose too much of today (have a full to-do list!!). BAD IDEA! At least to take those tablets (Excedrin Migraine)... was wide awake at 8:30am ... caffeine rush!! :o NEVER EVER had that before when I took those tabs. WEIRD!! Anyway... have just put on the 2nd wash and am still high and flying ... geesh!! ;) Good thing is that my migraine is gone.

Let's see the to-do list today:

  • Mow Lawn
  • Check Potatos/Strawberries/Rhubarb/Fruit bushes and deal (water etc.)
  • Start digging veggie patch
  • Peel German asparagus and freeze
  • Prepare "Gruene Sosse" and freeze
  • Edit Wolves Photos for Dave
  • Burn CD for Dave & send
  • Do One Stamp swap
  • Do Chinese Whispers Swap
  • White Wash I
  • White Wash II
  • Dark Wash I
  • Dark Wash II
  • Check Wolves paperwork is OK for first game
  • Complete League Spreadsheet
  • Cook Dinner

Would be nice if I manage to get to the gym as well, but with the gardening work I think it would be ok if I'd skip that today. :)

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