Friday, 17 April 2009

Day 2 - Lie in and shopping

Today we BILD0145went shopping ... non SB shopping at the "MTZ" which is a very nice shopping centre like the American Malls but with more outdoor decor. ;) Had a look at the Multimedia shop "Media Markt" (for CDs & DVDs) then went up to get my annual "Mettbroetchen" while my mum was searching for a jacket in different clothes shops and DH was looking for cheap LEGO. ;)

Then I got more of my other "stash" obsession - Teas (leaf teas - no tea bags allowed there!). Got a new Roiboos (Lemon), an Easter Tea (black with flavours) and now bought a 100g bag of China Keemun tea (which I found through Sharon as tea bags at Whittards). Really looking forward to drinking that one. I also got a taster bag for another type of Keemun.

For lunch we took Mutsch to Starbucks - yes, they are sprouting in Germany as well!!! - and treated her to a Cappucino and a NY Cheesecake, while I opted for the Chai Latte with Raspberry Cheesecake and DH had a Strawberry Milkshake and also a Raspberry Cheesecake. Can tell you, the cheesecakes were VERY filling!!! We were still full at dinner time!

DH and I went on to the REAL which is probably the equivalent to a TESCO or a WALMART. And it's soooo much nicer to go shopping there. Just the whole German food culture... DH even said "If there's any country knowing how to do BBQs better than the US it's Germany!"BILD0146 . I know that we're great with our German BBQs but haven't had lots of BBQs in Austria etc, so might have to apologise. :) And then there's the Cafe Culture in Germany ... cakes, coffees, hot chocolates, teas (more and more now) - and of course the "al fresco" seating. Although my dad is probably right that Austria is the front runner on BILD0144the "coffee culture" with their cakes etc. ;)

And DH would probably add the whole "Eiscafe" culture as well... where you're sitting "al fresco" to eat your ice cream. We've got TONS of those, even small towns have at least one!!

For dinner we "just" had Gruene Sosse - that's a sauce typical for Frankfurt (they say Goethe loved it) which consist of at least 7 herbs and there are different ways of doing the rest - we usually make it with mayonaise/creme fraiche, mustard and spices and then chopped hard boiled eggs served with potatos. I usually buy a pack of the herbs here in Germany in April and then keep it at home in the freezer. And it's one of the typical dishes we have around Easter.

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OW said...

You failed to mention the people you can meet outside of real, at the lovely (?) kebab stand :=)

"why is this couple looking over all the time? They seem familiar, though, somehow..."