Thursday, 23 April 2009

... and then the *crash*

Mmmmh... probably logical, but after my caffeine rush, doing all the stuff etc. I've been feeling totally shattered today. And zapped ... physically and mentally. Glad I managed to do stuff at work really ... although I had to force my brain to function.

Got home, cooked (well... reheated Batchelor's Creamy Tomato Soup and put 3 pre-baked frozen rolls in the oven) dinner and then went upstairs to deal with e-mails and the league spreadsheet.

Now I am not able to concentrate anymore, so will finish the spreadsheet tomorrow and am now going to watch Cold Case.

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!!!

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Pam said...

Oh it soinds like you are going from one extreme to the other Kat-hope things settle for you soon. Thanks for the congrats too-I am pretty excited-I love Kaiser stuff