Sunday, 13 July 2008


is going to be a busy day again I think ... we'll have Chip finally coming around to finish off the jobs from last year (ooops! Very busy man, isn' t he?) so hopefully I'll have a dishwasher at least.

Things on my list for tomorrow are:

  • Gym
  • 2 New Baby Cards
  • 1 Condolences Card
  • 1 Birthday present for Dani's Forum (and I am sooo late! DARN!)
  • Finish CJ entry in Doerte's CJ
  • Send off Condolences Card, CJ and Birthday Present
  • Collect e-mail address for all people EVER played in a Wolves Jersey and invite them for the homecoming game on 26th July
  • Do back dated blog entries for Shimelle's new class (My Freedom)
  • Take photos and do blog entry for tomorrow for Shimelle's "My Freedom" class
  • Prepare album for Shimelle's "Scrap your day" (yes, I STILL haven't done anything but taking faithfully my photos on the 25th ... but I only started in May, so effectively only 2 months behind... :o
  • Scan new registration form for our newest Senior player and send it off to the league (if he's coming up to drop off the copy of his ID that is)

Will let you know tomorrow how I got along. :o

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