Sunday, 6 July 2008

And now there are two! LOVE IT!!!

Interesting twist to the whole story! :) TWO Doctors! And the whole talk between the 2nd David Tennant and Donna.... BRILLIANT!!!

DH actually watched a couple of minutes at Meadowbank (we had a TV for the inlaws to watch the Tennis women's final between the Williams' sisters) ... NASTY! So I wonder if he knew about the "healing" instead of regenerating??

Now we have a biiiig problem.... No new series until 2010!! And only 3 specials in 2009. And still sooo long to go before we see the Christmas Special. :(

And if that wasn't enough ... our "bridging" TV program, "Torchwood", is going into Production in August for series 3 ... now ... what to watch??? :o

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