Thursday, 24 July 2008

Some photos from today..

Been doing some Wolves work today, went to get 5 tickets for The Dark Knigth tonight (just hope the other members of the "Wolves Geek Squad" are getting their tickets ok ... but the staff at UGC said it's already busy ... so who knows? 20:15 showing was already sold out when we got there at 11:30!!

Then on to Jimmy Chungs - after a long absence. They seemed to have changed some of their buffet, now includes Honey Roast Pork which DH was searching for high and low ... was a little dry, not sure how he liked it.

Back home after quick shopping trip to Lidl ... and got dinner for myself (Allan got his own, DH is in a meeting after work for Clubsport Edinburgh and meets us at the cinema - so got sandwiches with him) ... Knew what I would have for dinner as soon as I saw it!!!! Lambs lettuce with bacon bits is one of my favs, and it's really SCARY how hard it is to get lambs lettuce here in the UK!!! I get it about 1-2 a year, while in Germany we eat it far more often!

Then back home, had 2 racers honking their horns on me just because they don't know the highway code (50 mph on the Western Approach Road, overtaking a car, trying to get back into a gap between me and the other car while another car is coming on the opposite side ... close to crash, but even if I had started going up from 40mph it wouldn't have made a difference to the fact the other driver nearly caused an accident!! Twat! What the problem of the other driver later on was I don't have a clue about ... Allan doesn't know either (ok, he's not a driver anyway, but he couldn't see anything I had done wrong - I am trained in roundabouts now!!)

Put on 2 washes (no jerseys for a change!!) and then finished my morning task ... result is this.

No, it's not diplomas ... or Awards ... it's about 200 free gifts for our Wolves fans that turn up on Saturday in Wolves merchandise!!! :D Don't have an up-to-date copy yet, will post a photo of it maybe tomorrow.

Now quickly dindins (and there is another pack in the fridge for later this week!! :D ), taking in the wash and then off to the cinema!!! WHOOOOHOOO!!1

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