Thursday, 10 July 2008

Nice Evening!!

Had a very nice evening yesterday! Some of us "EFREC Girls" decided to have a meet up to chat, give support IRL (not only on the forum) and probably bitch about our situations, the treatment, people around us who don't have a CLUE about what we're going through etc.

Jan picked me up after work and we drove through town to Crammond Brig - I've never been there, even though I've been driven past numerous times (on the way to the Strawberry Picking place, to the training camp, to Perth in the Megabus etc.). Once we all were there (Jan, Helen, Caroline Anne, Dawn and myself) we selected a nice secluded niche with a round table (so nobody has to overhear us talking!) and ordered food. I got a Ciabatta Burger (grass fed beef ... what else do they feed the others? ;) ) and Tiramisu (where you could REALLY taste the coffee - but that's the only dish I don't mind coffee!) for dessert. YUM!

Was great, lots to talk, a lot of support (and I was the 2nd youngest in our circle there ... wow!) and I am sure I need to meet up with Jan and Lorna at some point, as they have been investigating even more (I just accepted it's my Endo that's the problem ... but maybe I should look into immune and embryo testing?) and have been looking into different clinics as well.

Thought we'd be staying for 2 hours or so ... but we managed to chat from 6pm to 10pm!!! :)

There's apparently a very nice walk around the Crammond Brig as per Jan. Think I'll have to look further into the Walks around Edinburgh. Quite a lot of jewels out there!!!

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