Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Quick update to "to do list"

Ok, here it goes ....

Chip didn't turn up until lunchtime yesterday (gave me a little more time to relax and deal with the headache) then figured out that the new dishwasher needed more copper pipe - which he didn't want to buy as he had still left overs at home. We then were chatting (Chip, Allan and myself) for another 3 hours about recipe, Wolves (funny ... think that was the same kinda thing we talked about last year! ;) ) and Strength & Conditioning (that was for Allan's benefit).

TA DA list Monday
  • Gym (yep, I actually went, although the head was still throbbing, so cardio was only 15 mins)
  • Searched for approx 70 e-mail addresses and sent out 50 e-mails inviting Wolves players Past and Present (between 2003 and 2008) to the Home Coming Game on 26th July!!
TA DA list Tuesday
  • 1 birthday card
  • Birthday present from Forum Swap packed
  • Finished CJ entry
  • Packed CJs (and scanned prior to that for own records)
  • Prepared lunch for work
  • Quick-ish Sports massage on Allan's Shoulder (and next "appointment" booked for Thursday)
  • Cooking (Omelette - and correct this time!)
  • Washing up (as dishwasher is still not 100% hooked up)
  • AND I have been at work as well... no bad!
Not necessarily in that order of course. So tomorrow (if I find the time) I will try to make inroads to

  • 1 birthday card
  • 1 condolences card
  • 2 New Baby cards
  • Blog entries for Shimelle's class
And here's the birthday card I made ... from the latest Project Club from Dimension Fourth. LOVE the little flower petals ... gorgeous stamps. Very versatile - and I'd not thought I'd like them!
Now off to finish Batman Begins so we can have our "Wolves Geek Squad Outing" next week Thursday. LOL.

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