Monday, 28 July 2008

Surprise ... it's SUMMER!!!

Not sure how long it will stay, but I believe we now have officially 1.5 weeks summer! ;) It's sunny, it's warm - the last 2 home games were without rain ... FAB! Hopefully getting the wash done (at least the Wolves stuff) but really could do with a fan up in the study ... having 2 PCs and a fridge/freezer plus a small TV running doesn't help ... and the fact that it's up on the 3rd floor ... phew!!

DH is going to speak to the guys from Velux - every year the heat stores on the 3rd floor because the sky light cannot be opened (well... it can ... if they had included some chain or similar when they actually installed it!). And we need to replace the one in the spare bedroom as it has a crack in it (and we really don't have a clue where this is coming from!). So we'll see what's happening there.

ETA - Just went out to hang up the next load of jerseys ... and it's looking very hazy out there ... wouldn't surprise me if it would start raining any minute! :( Well... going to have another glass of my iced tea ... got several flavours back in Germany last year and never really used them. Specially because neither DH nor AP drink it. Might have to send my mum for more tea at The "Teeladen" (used the link for the US shop so you non-German speakers can see the variety) - my favourite Tea shop in Germany (and usually get all I need on my trips there - sometimes shop at Whittards, but that's really just 2nd choice! ;) ).

Anyway ... suggest these for iced teas:

  • Kaluna Lime Ice Tea (no 947) (Black Tea flavoured)
  • Caipirinha (no 997) (Green Tea flavoured)
  • Kalimba Pitahaya Eistee (no 1451) (Fruit Tea flavoured)
  • Rooitea Eistee Zitrone (no 1325) (Rooitea flavoured)

Now ... off to upload photos from Saturday and then maybe do some inroads with the next CJ I hope to send off by Wednesday the latest. :o

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