Thursday, 17 July 2008

Not my day really...

What a day yesterday!!! Forgot the flyers for Sunday for work, sent myself the wrong file for creating the Intranet bit for Sunday come home and the only thing that's been done is plumbing and installing the dishwasher. What the heck are they DOING when I am at work? Want to have the last bits and bobs done by end of this WEEK! FINI! NO DISCUSSIONS!! :(

Grumpy hubby because of that and other things, mid-week training for a change with good numbers (including 1 player coming back from IR = Injured Reserve, and another one turning up again after a long unexplained absence (uni)).

Then - one of our equipment helpers and player gets injured ... shoulder pain and all that. Everything swollen, he can move arm more or less but under pain - so quick an ice pack on it and off to hospital (really glad RIE is just around the corner from JKC!). We arrive at around 9:45, don't get seen until around midnight. :O Then it took a further 1.5 hours for all the tests & scans ... WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!

We didn't get home until around 2ish, Doug's at work (totally shattered) and I try to get stuff done at home! AAAARGGGH!!!

I'm currently sorting out the study on my side ... lots of stuff gone into recycling (paper stuff) and I've done some inroads for Ebay stuff and scrapping stuff which I'll take with me on Saturday to the crop and see if I can flog it off. :)

The room looks worse for wear (think that's always the fact when you tidy out though, isn't it??) and I hope to finish that tomorrow.

Still have to do the 3-4 cards ... but think I'll skip the gym and the blog entries today and do that tomorrow.

Weather is absolutely MISERABLE outside ... raining, chucking down, slightly sunny but it's not goading me into putting a wash on! NO WAY!

Right ... off to cook dindins now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kat, sorry about your sojourn in ERI, hope the guy was OK in the end. Weather has been dire and stuck at home with teo children has been a pain but OK too. We won't be at the next two home games as we will be in Caithness but hope they go well and no injuries. Hope DH and you get some sleep and we will see you soon. Love Livvy and the boys.