Thursday, 17 April 2008

Flume rides!

Nice afternoon out with my sis, nephew and DH. My mum wasn't feeling too well (pre-OP jitters) and decided to stay home.

Rhein Main Therme So we went to the "Rhein-Main Therme" which I am growing more and more fond of. Of course it cannot compete with the "Taunus Therme" in Bad Homburg (totally different feel to it), but hey, it is just around the corner from my mum's flat and for young kids it's fab! And the sauna area is not too bad either.

I checked with the staff whether I am allowed to take photos of family members whilst swimming, and they said as long as I don't take pictures of anyone else that's fine - HAH! So much better than in the UK!! 100_0036

We had so much fun - and I didn't even have the chance to read my book as we were all busy swimming in the "wild water canal", going down the flumes, watching Ciaran jumping off the 1 meter board, being in the wave pool and enjoying a cuppa and a piece of cake. ;)

LOTS of fun - and it was great to have some time with my nephew and see him smile. :D


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Heather said...

Sounds a fun day out!