Thursday, 10 April 2008

Back in Germany

We've been slightly rushing around packing Doug's bag and the food stuff for Germany this morning, then posting things for Awards for All and BAFA Player & Coaches registrations. But managed to get a taxi and got to the airport in time.

Quick check in, getting 2 adapters for mainland Europe (mine have gone missing somehow), one of which we will leave at my Mutsch. After the scanning - I set off the scanning thingy, but was told that's the random check, now done by the machine itself, so you don't get the "s/he's been picking on me due to religion/race etc". Then we went to the Servisair Lounge, nice breakfast and fairly on time boarding.

The book vending machine still has me in fits, but now I found a vending machine for Ben & Jerry's Ice cream with a mini-freezer etc. (see below). FUNNY! And very tempting. :D

Flight was fine although we were sitting in the last row (and they still say you've got a window seat ... that window is beside the seat of the person in front! LOL). Got the usual taxing and taking the bus to the terminal.

Was great to see my Mutsch again, but she lost some weight and was smaller (must be the crumbling lumbar vertebra). Very short hair, as she got it cut for hospital already.

We decided to go for a nice Chinese for dinner with my sister and nephew - and it was as usual FAB! Went to the "Lotus" just around the corner from my mum, and the food there is just YUMMIE! The best Chinese food I've had in AGES! Had my old favourite, "Family Luck", and it was soooo much that we all took doggy bags home.

I was worried about the place as we were the only patrons that evening, but my Mutsch said they usually get lots of patrons during the weekend.

And we got a free dessert - a "Fruit Tower" how we called it ... and it was fun to play "Pineapple Jenga"!!! ;)

Picture was taken with mobile phone so not the best quality.

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Heather said...

LOL at PIneapple Jenga!