Friday, 25 April 2008

Grumpy and busy!!

Not the best day today ... busy with getting things sorted for the Junior Wolves tournament tomorrow and the Senior game on Sunday. Who had the stupid idea to have the tournament the day before our first game - an away game to boot!!! - AND the day we're attending a wedding in the evening???? $)*$£)*)$£(*$%)(*$* !!!!

Also - got a phone call from my sis this morning ... saga with my mum is going on. Apparently the OP didn't go as smoothly as we're told, and in Germany the doctors don't HAVE to tell next of kin what's going on unless you have something similar to a "living will" (which neither my Mutsch nor my sis or I have for that matter!). That's something new, think it was put forward in 2005 and got included in the medical law in 2006/2007.

Feeling f****** helpless in that situation while I am up here, and then I am getting chased by coaches about players who are not registered ... because I never got the flaming forms in time! ARRRGGHHH!!!

Right ... off to do some jersey allocating ... and then hopefully will get some time to do some scrapping... still have to do the pre-crop challenge for "The Oscars" cyber crop on UKS ... don't have a CLUE what to do yet. :o Needs to be done and uploaded by 10pm tonight. :o

Check Junior Roster for tomorrow
Check Senior Roster for Sunday
Put on white wash
Give Gran phone number for hospital once phoned
E-mail treasurer contact details of senior players

Allocate Jerseys for Sunday
E-mail treasurer up to date subs spreadsheet
Pre-Crop Challenge for Cyber Crop
Cyber Crop from 7pm!!


Heather said...

Sorry you're so busy - no wonder you're grumpy. You and Doug do so much in the cause of the sport you live.

Sorry too to hear your mutsch isn't doing so well. :(

sharonfruit said...

Awwww, hun. Sorry to hear about your Mutsch :o( It's silly that the doc's don't have to tell you what is happening. I hope she is on the mend soon!

S xx