Friday, 4 April 2008

I'm tired

Didn't get enought sleep, today is my day off and I usually catch up on sleep on those ... and should be still asleep for another 15 mins or so.

But no, we've got a slot for an uplift for our blinking dishwasher (yes, we FINALLY are getting somewhere with it ... i.e. uplift and refund of money and then we've got to search for a new one) - between 7 and 11!!! Just hate it when they give me that slot! Usually they don't arrive until 10 or 10:30am for that. But bet you that they would stand at the door at 9am if I decide to sleep longer!

Currently having my cuppa, then decide on breakfast. With all that heartburn/acid reflux last week I quite fancy a bowl of semolina. Which is quite funny - lots of people don't like either semolina or Farina but I LOVE my "Griessbrei" (Semolina Pudding) - did already as a child. Now I just have to find out if we still have a jar of Morello Cherries in the cupboard ... they go nicely with semolina pud! :)

Oh ... and there you go - just while I was typing ... the uplift (see... good I didn't decide to sleep until 9am!)! Now I have a biiig hole in my cupboard. We won't search for a new dishwasher until we get back from Germany, so washing up it is. Not too much of a problem, as I had to do this during the time the dishwasher was cutting out anyway.

Have to get my stuff sorted for the crop today - don't have the slightest idea what I am going to do tomorrow ... don't really have photos ready or any idea. Will have to finish my friends' wedding album at some point, not sure if I have more time to do anything else.

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Lisa said...

hurrah - at last I have found someone else who loves semolina. Everyone I know hates it :-)

Glad you got the dishwasher sorted and hope you find another as soon as you come back. All that washing up is not good for your nails hehe