Monday, 28 April 2008

Aftermath No 1

I'm tired ... shattered ... and totally drained (physically as well as mentally!). Still running on empty after this MEGA weekend (Cyber Crop Friday night/Saturday morning/afternoon, Wedding Saturday evening and first game - away in Glasgow - on Sunday). Hope I can recharge at some point this week as we have our first home game on Sunday and that will be even more draining ... back to stadium drill and all that. PHEW! :)

At least NO Wolves wash this week, so was able to put on a wash for ourselves plus our "prodigal son" aka Allan. :) Yep, our lodger is back, and it's quite nice. :) Fortunately Allan is one of the quiet type, so no problem at all.

After a BIG rush to get 3 registration forms done for the league as well as that blimming "living will" equivalent signed and e-mailed to my sis I now have to go to the postbox to send the originals to the League and my sis respectively. Maybe a little fresh air (combined with some rain) will help me wake up a little more?

After that I have to prepare food and do some washing up ... and then maybe I can sort out my scrap area? Looks like a bomb dropped because of the UKS Cyber Crop! ... Well... ok... I admit it ... didn't really look best before that either. *duck*

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