Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Little mad dash about ...

Have done quite a lot today, considering the headache which is still thumping ... I usually abstain as long as I can from painkillers, but right now I've taken some Co-codamol. Don't fancy a bad headachey night and having more headache tomorrow when boarding the plane!!

Anyway ... still got some PC stuff to do which I will do tomorrow morning (with the current head I can only sleep until 9am anyway!) - e-mail player applications to the league (which will be issued by post tomorrow before going to the airport), e-mail latest contact details of our youth/junior players to the people in charge while we're away and getting some more documents onto the laptop. Just copied our cruise photos over so I can show them to family - and really should think about how to scrap them... :D

Bag is packed ... I think ... I mean ... what do you need for 1.5 weeks with your family at their place? Pants/socks/bras, T'shirts, 2 jumpers (in case weather is as bad as here), swimming cozzy, necessaire (which still needs re-stocking ... I soooo miss my old one!!! :( ), good shoes, a skirt (for birthday meal out), a good top, jogging bottoms, slipper socks... What else? If anyone knows something important please let me know before 11am tomorrow morning (GMT).

PS: Travel docs, passports, Euros etc. are in a different bag - it's really just clothing!! :D


Heather said...

Have a good trip! (I hope your Mum gets well soon.)

What's a necessaire? (Sounds very Friench for a German girl like yourself!) Is it a toiletry bag?

I hope your headache soon goes too.

Dörte said...

Ich wünsche dir eine ganz ganz tolle Zeit zu Hause bei deinen Lieben !!!