Thursday, 27 September 2007

On the way to London again...

I'm on my train and enjoy writing back-dated blog entries. Shame that GNER does not offer FREE WIFI! Ach well, it just has to wait until I am at Sharon & Graeme's. :)

Soooo looking forward to meet Sharon again! I'm missing her quite a bit, but at least it means I have a "base" in London for trips down there. Shame that I am not able to get in touch with Tigger, so a meet up with the old WXC crew is not going to happen this time. Maybe next year. 1

Have packed LOTS, bag is heavy and I still have the rucksack and laptop bag! I just hope I am still within the 25kgs for the big bag - I weighed it at 20kgs yesterday evening but added my flip flops, a jumper and my photo bag since then. And believe me, the bag feels heavier than 20kgs! ;) Ah well, I'm sure leaving my paper carrier bag with Sharon and giving her her birthday present will tip the scale a bit back. ;)

Currently at Durham ... was supposed to arrive at King's Cross at 15:44hrs but due to a collapsed bridge (!!!) between York & Doncaster means I won't arrive until 16:48hrs (well, that's the current time).

Sharon and Graeme are going to meet me at King's X, so at least I don't have to lug the bag all by myself down the stairs to the tube! That was bad enough last year when I only had to pack for a longer weekend and not for a week in London AND a week cruise!!! :)

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