Sunday, 30 September 2007

It's SUNNY!!!

After all that rain we had a wonderful day today! Just in time for us going to Kew Gardens!!!

Sharon and I went there early-ish (well... think we took the bus at 11??? ;) ) - first time that I went by bus and it was quite interesting to see more of West London.

They still had the Moore exhibition there and quite interesting statues. For "lunch" we went to the Orangery where we both had 2 small treats (actually ... 1.5, we shared one! ;) ). YUMM!

Graeme joined us afterwards and we went to the Temperate House (Sharon's never been!!) and the Mediterranean Garden (how fitting's that!!!). And we tried to see the stag beetles but couldn't detect any - but impressive area for them.

And then see those beautiful golden pheasants. Aren't they colourful? And they do whistle quite funnily! That's the male ones btw, the females are probably just a drab brown, as usual with most birds.

I just LOVE Kew Gardens and I am soooo jealous that Sharon lives so close and can get there anytime she wants. I just missed the special Mediterranean Exhibition (a Pizza Garden?? See Sharon's Blog). Today's trip makes me think to go to the Royal Botanics again ... but maybe I should go in the spring and summer as well? Usually we're at the Dawyck one in September/October and the Edinburgh one in February!

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