Sunday, 23 September 2007


Yep, we got our award ... actually 2. :) One brown plaque, just stating that we're Best in Div 2, and then a certificate as well stating that we're Best in Div 2 and ALL BAFL!!! :)

Was a bit of a funny story, Allan and I had to make our way down to the area beside the "tunnel" before end of half time ... left after the 2-minute-warning and tried to get down onto the tracks, but Doug told us to come outside to him - and then we all 3 dashed another set of stairs down onto the trackside on the other side of the "tunnel" (lead by Nathan) just to having quickly get across the "tunnel". :)

I had been wearing my BAFL cap all day so I suspect my hair in the official photo will be a total mess!!! :( But couldn't say yet, as I haven't seen the photo yet.

Photos of the awards to follow once I'm back home from holiday ... and Nigel should have provided me with a copy of the media pic as well by then. ;)

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