Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rant post!!

This was supposed to be a happy post, as I decided yesterday I would have a "ME" day. Six years ago today it was my so called "last day of freedom" before wee l got married on the 7th.

Anyway, wanted to do nothing around the house but scrapbooking (which I haven't even started yet), cross stitching (done a little of that), being online (have had 1.5 hours of that) and watching TV.

Then first I got a phone call from DH asking whether I was planning to put some washing out as it's sunny and warm outside. I just replied "no, I am not going to do anything today."

When I checked my e-mail I got one from DH about food plan and my plans for re-sit of the exam etc. And as a PS that he is jealous of my "me" day, but then - he understands and that I am in pain (yep, I have the standard endo cramps starting today).


My reply e-mail contained the reply to that "And don't be jealous - you have always ME days... as ME days mean I don't do any housework".

I mean - yes, he does do sometimes housework, but not often and I haven't seen him doing much lately. No ironing (that's the laundry fairy, i.e. me), no washing up (that'll be me again) and he doesn't seem to know how to put stuff in the dishwasher or empty it ... not to mention that he doesn't know how to switch that thing on (SERIOUSLY!!!). Instead he gets the nice things to do, like putting together our new kitchen table and the chairs (and I thanked him for that) or cooking the odd meal.

So ... with all the stuff I am doing around the house and working 2 days per week (taking me 1hr each way to get there) I am only allowed to have days off when I hurt?? Now ... who put that ridiculous raisin in his brain???

He's probably in a huff about my e-mail as I haven't had a reply before I went downstairs again. But hey, not my fault. Yes, he DOES STUFF ... but it's Football stuff and Edinburgh Leisure stuff. I am not forcing him to take more and more things on but I am not discouraging him either. That's HIS THING, he can do with his spare time what he wants after all. I am doing scrapbooking and cross stitching etc. But it's SPARE TIME activity, not linked to the running of the house and family.

Now he's probably going even more in a huff when he reads my blog, but hey, that's just the truth here.

And I guess my "me day" isn't so me anymore. I've been emptying the dishwasher and putting dirty stuff back in and then done the washing up as well, taking the socks & pants upstairs ... all since I got that stupid phone call and stupid e-mail. :(

Well... back to cross stitching. Think the scrapping will have to wait until tomorrow or so. :(


Heather said...

"Me" days hardly ever seem to turn out as planned! (My "maybe I'll scrapbook" plan for Wednesday was scuppered when I got a call to go and collect Lucy from nursery late-morning.)

sharonfruit said...

I think you need to get Doug trained up in the art of housekeeping. We wouldn't want him being unable to do any while you are in London, would we? ;o)

S xx