Monday, 17 September 2007

Getting ahead of myself

Yesterday I suddenly got the idea to have a look at patterns for carving pumpkins ... not sure where this came from, just suddenly popped in my head.

You'd think me planning my trip to Sheffield this weekend, down to London the week after and our cruise would be the first thing on my mind ... but no, it's not. :o That's going to happen soon, I hope. :)

Had 6 beetroot in our veggie box this week ... so the rest of this week food will be BORSCHT!! :) Have to check it's cooking ok ... quite fancy eating that Russian soup again.

OK, gotta dash ... check the soup, get an e-mail out to the Edinburgh Scrappers for the Secret Santa Swap ... aaaah! And DH and I may be going to Ratho tonight for some time at the spa.


Heather said...

Ooh - spa time sounds nice!

I hope the borscht turns out tasty. I imagine it's even better with sour cream!

sharonfruit said...

I was thinking about Samhain at the weekend too! It's never too early - lol!

Sharon xx