Saturday, 29 September 2007

Ally Pally and a baby card

Today was Ally Pally day! :) Had my list with things to buy and tried my best to keep the spending low .. but I did shop for the crop as well (not too much though) and for my Secret Santa.

Shame we couldn't get any of the DCWV Pads at all... :( Will have to check online at some point. Got lots of other stuff though. Shame I have to leave it with Sharon until 27th October when we're coming back to London for the Dolphins v Giants game. Ah well... that's the problem with weight allowances! :(

After we came back to Putney I've been stitching a baby card for my friend Heather while Sharon made a stamped card for her. We're a little bit late, but better than never. :) The chart is from The Cross Stitcher and it's easy to stitch - only takes 3 different colours as well.

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