Monday, 26 August 2013

Most difficult one ticked off!! Yay!

Or at least I think that’s the most difficult item on my list, after a lot of investigating. In Scotland there are TONS of wind generators like those below.

Lots of people are against them, they are demonstrating against them, but I actually find them calming, when there are not too many really. And they are more pleasing to the eye (mine at least) than the above ground gas pipes I’ve seen in East Germany when I was a kid (similar to the kind still out there in the USA).

Anyway, despite lots of them around, I really wanted to get a photo of a proper windmill for the Photo Scavenger Hunt 2013. Those are surprisingly hard to find in Scotland, all of them seem to be transformed into Camera Obscuras or similar, like this one in Drumfries.

And I missed the one at Wimbledon Common as suggested by my friend Sharon while we were down in London end of July.

That one actually looks beautiful! Smile

Now… what is a woman to do who’s on a mission? She contacts her fellow geocachers, who are prone to give nice locations and know about hidden things like that. And yes, I was pointed into the right direction of a non-tranformed windmill, not far from us (in Fife).

So I packed up the girls yesterday after lunch, drove into the “Kingdom”, went first for a quick shop at Mc Oyster at Poles Apart in Cupar, then cut across to the coast and drove to a very nice little town going by the name of St. Monans.  BEAUTIFUL really, needs more exploring at some point (like so many of the little towns along the Fife Coastal Tourist Route!!).

When I parked the car, the tide was out, and a big haar (coastal fog) was coming in and getting worse on our little walk. However, we managed to find the Windmill, which powered the salt panning industry (you never stop learning!) and which is overlooking the Tidal Bathing pool (not sure if that’s still in use as the Council does not service it anymore). And for the girls there was a play park, too (well… as round swing).
Anyway… here it is … THE WINDMILL!!! Winking smile
I wonder if Rinda is considering Lighthouses for next year’s Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt? Smile


Maria Ontiveros said...

I love this story - so great that you went on the trip. I wonder if the girls will remember years from now?
It's a great windmill! And, believe it or not, I definitely considered a light house.

greenthumb said...

Great photos, looks like the girls are having a good time.