Sunday, 4 August 2013

First Tea Party!

We agreed with our friends Chris & Andy to visit them at their new flat  (LOVED IT, nice at the waterfront etc. Just hope the land developers don’t take away the great view!!) and the girls got even more presents (we have too many good friends who are spoiling the Hobbits!!).

The girls loved the Minnie Mouse Tea Party set, the small picnic basket, Minnie Mouse Tops and their new dresses (inside outie ones, courtesy of “auntie” Chris!). There was lots of cups of teas to be drunk, lots of running around in the flat, and they just LOVED the balcony!! Winking smile

Plans are already made to visit “auntie” Chris on her day off (Thursday) to explore more, maybe walk along the shore etc. FUN.

Thanks again for the cake, tea, presents and fabulous time, Chris & Andy!

BILD0001BILD0005BILD0006BILD0010BILD0012 (spying on the neighbours)

The beautiful view over the Granton Harbour/Western Harbour.

And hubby with Andy.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

So sweet! Thanks for giving me a smile today.