Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I am a craft procrastinator…


Now, that was hard to put down.

I thought I LOVE crafts. LOVE scrapbooking, card making, quilting, knitting, crochet … and yet in the last year or so I seem to constantly procrastinate instead of actually DO the crafts. Looking for “excuses” for not doing them it seems … housework a good example.

My declaration on FB and the blog for today was that it’s CRAFT day. Well… with getting a wash on, cleaning the kitchen floor, hanging up the wash, put on the dishwasher, tidy the living room, go to the Post Office, go to the Library, go to the gym (which had been already scored off the list as not possible due to not enough sleep – interrupted by Hobbits early morning), go for a meal with friends and then watch the Socks.

So … what crafty things have I done so far today? I spent 20 mins in the craft room/study/box (in the truest sense of the word) room searching for some embellishments for my latest Chinese Whisper layout. And couldn’t find any (so resorting to stamps this time).

I’ve picked up 2 crochet books at the library though!! Winking smile 

So I think I would need some time to tidy the craft room at least enough so I know where things are, put kit bags together etc etc etc. And need to find out how the girls react to me doing crochet while they’re around. I suspect they’ll be trying to get the ball/hook out of my hands, might try to “crochet” themselves … think I’ll just have to try it, as I doubt scrapping while they’re around is an option just now.

So … yes… I do procrastinate crafting … but really… my excuse is “Housework” and I search for more to do (ok, maybe guilty that the house is not spick & span – can’t wait for the girls to go to nursery!). Having only 1 day off girls, and not really having the “kids go to bed at 7pm” thing as hubby and I agreed we have a family dinner, which means the girls are usually in bed by 8pm, asleep hopefully at 8:30pm but lately more likely 9pm (either me being with the girls until they sleep or hubby does and then I’m doing housework – AGAIN).

I know, friends also tell me we should let the girls fall asleep themselves. Not really an option, as Supergirl will scream the house down if she cannot fall asleep while holding someone’s hand (we’re going to try pushing the girls’ cots together and see if she will fall asleep holding her sister’s hand through the cot bars). There are people who said we HAVE to change that, they HAVE to manage falling asleep by themselves, but seriously, when it only takes 30 mins for them to go down, that’s a nice quiet time to spend with them, maybe getting a quick nap ourselves (*points finger at hubby*). I had some people telling me we should do what feels right for us, but those people are unfortunately few and far between.

And having the trouble of the girls not going to sleep by themselves in view of nursery is not a problem, as I don’t think they enforce afternoon naps for 3 / 3+ year olds, specially given that they will only be in nursery for 2.5 hours or so….

Here I veered off the topic again… BAD GIRL!! Winking smile Back to the whole procrastination thing now – I really have to look into Anam’s and Shimelle’s tips about kit bags (think taking everything but the kitchen sink with me to the crop and STILL managing not having the stuff with me that I want / need to use is kind of an indicator for needing kit bags, mmmh?). And sorting through my stash/tools will help there too *cough*.

Sooooo… for now I managed to shorten crafty time again while typing this (tsk!!), but will now finish my Chinese Whisper so Pauline can play. Then I will look into my wool stock and see if I can start some crocheting before having to have a shower and head out for dinner.

If any of my readers have tips on how to pack kit bags (where do you get those 12x12 ziplock type bags you get 12x12 paper from online shops? Or do you just use page protectors like Shimelle?) or any tips how to organize Embellishments/papers/Rubber stamps/Clear stamps, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, LEAVE A COMMENT!!! You can help me out of my predicament!! Open-mouthed smile


Sewpumpkin said...

Hope you feel better after your confession! I am lucky that Imogen still has her afternoon nap so that's my sewing time. As for the sleeping thing, everyone has their opinions and advice but you have to do what's best for you and your family and not worry about everyone else :) good luck with the crochet, never really got the hang of it! Alison xxx

Lynz said...

Dude, I think you are awfully hard on yourself. And I think you need to timetable time for your crafting - like a Tuesday afternoon. Or, yes, you will find another million "must do!" things before it is YOUR time!!

Now. Sleep. Yes, at 2 years I had a kid that would fall asleep where she sat at 7pm. But by 3/4 we were in proper bedtime story mode. And I stayed with her til she slept - usually about 15 minutes. Your girls are sleeping in their OWN beds in their OWN room. Really, anyone that says you're doing it wrong helping them get to sleep needs to wind their necks in. They're just babies!! I think you're all doing great!!

Alison said...

Hi Kat...have just have a lovely catch up..what a busy life you lead! Your hobbits are coming on so quickly...and I agree that you're doing a great job with them!
Alison xx