Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Beach day with Oma

Last full day of my Mutti’s visit, and despite the weather being not the best (overcast, very windy) we decided to take the girls to Portobello Beach (my mum LOVES walking along the promenade, having a wee cappuccino at a wee cafe overlooking the sea).

When we arrived it was still quite windy, and the sun wasn’t really out much, but after the first couple of moments (taking shoes & socks off, walking the loooong way to the water – tide was out), we actually got some sun! Open-mouthed smile

A lot of those little “beasties” about … beached already, or still drifting in the swell.  Way back when I was a child I was told that jellyfish would come to the shore when there’s a storm (that’s the Mediterranean jellyfish at least) – not sure if there’s a different reason for British ones?

I also tried to figure out what kind of jellyfish it is, I think it’s a “blue jellyfish”, but if not, maybe someone wants to correct me?

After a while the Hobbits got a bit fed up with the water, sand and shells/stones, and the play park at the promenade was just too tempting, so off we went…

Saw these on our walk up to the play park, quite interesting and a bit of a work of art… Smile

I also managed to tick off an item from the Photo Scavenger Hunt … A cloud in a shape of something…
I thought this cloud looked a bit like a Platypus, don’t you think?

At the play park we had a wee sit down at the “Snakes and Ladders” table (destroyed by kids/youths, unfortunately, so not able to play the game) to have some strawberries.

Then we went on to RED’S but unfortunately they were just closing when we arrived, so Oma had to have her cappuccino back at our home (which wasn’t that bad).

Everyone enjoyed the day out, and the girls were quite exhausted and fell asleep quickly at bedtime! Smile

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