Sunday, 18 August 2013

Getting a bit ambitious…

Well… when it comes to crafts I don’t have much time for due to the girls demanding my attention during daytimes and me being just flat out tired/cannot be bothered (oh oh!) in the evenings.

Effectively I only have Tuesdays to do crafts for long when the girls are at the grandparents for the day and a sleepover.  And that’s usually the day I catch up with housework…

Despite all this I’ve decided to sign up to 2 swaps at our local crop group (in addition to the monthly layout Chinese Whisper we’re running at the moment – the only thing I get scrapped at the moment) – a Christmas tag swap (15 tags) and a “Merry Christmas Bunting” swap – each person is doing 14 triangles with a certain letter (mine is “E”) in certain colours (fortunately most are doing the traditional gold/green/red, but we have a couple more modern Christmas colours , too).

Can I make it? I just HAVE to.

So this Tuesday I just declare a CRAFT DAY – with maybe some washes on and cleaning the kitchen floor, but that’s it!! Oh… and a gym work out, and a meal out with friends and going to see the “Socks” at the Fringe … can you see my dilemma there?!?!?!?

We’ll see what I’ll manage this week. But will try to get some hours scrapping/making the swaps in over the next month or so. Both swaps are due in November, the crop I’m unable to take part in due to hubby’s birthday, so will have to hand over my stuff to one of my friends.


I also have found cute patterns for Dr Seuss Earflap hats for Thing 1 & Thing 2 and The Cat in the Hat (crochet) – intending to do them too, but have to see how the girls do with me dealing with wool around them. Hoping to take them with me on our week away in the borders in September…

Oh… And I’m getting tempted in doing some quilting again, after seeing my friends Lynz’ and Chris’ latest works … and I still have that fabric the grandparents brought from Florida when the girls were born … ummm….

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