Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ARRRGGHH!!! HATE getting side tracked!

You know the feeling, you planned everything for a nice craft day, just have to go for a quick shop with a pal to Costco who kindly takes you inside as you don’t have a card. You grumpily give up on one item you really, really want for one or the other reason (in my case the Authentic Asia Won Ton Soup – we don’t have enough space for 5 tubs of it, and it only comes in 6 tub size). Then you try to get something crafty without going overboard price-wise, you don’t see the right colours/yarn weight so you don’t buy it and proudly (that you haven’t spent more money) drive straight home, despite ideas of quickly popping to Subway or somewhere else for a takeout lunch. You put away the shopping, shuffle stuff a bit around, and then *BAM* ….

You realise that there is lots of out of date stuff, so you remove that from the cupboards, move for similar items on to the pantry and in between you prepare food to go into the slow cooker for dinner. You realise you don’t have one ingredient, so you replace it with another, not much of a trouble. You nearly pull down a pan with chopped onions, just save them in the last minute, however, lots of chopped onions jumping out of the pan and are now all over the kitchen area around the hob.  You grumble and swear a little, then still get stuff into the slow cooker, get some quick lunch stuff together but skip the idea of a quick salad as that involves more work and it’s already 2:30!!!

You sit down for a bit, just wanting to watch a program you recorded on TiVo, then you want to hang out the washing, need to wash the kitchen floor and with all that your MOJO just told you “you know what, you’ve been neglecting me, you should have done some crafting the minute you came back, now I DON’T WANT TO PLAY ALONG ANYMORE!”

You’re angry at yourself, that YET AGAIN you don’t do crafting after you’ve already postponed the gym workout today due to a 4th or 5th night in a row your firstborn twin is suffering badly with a cold/stuffy nose/nasty cough during the night and won’t sleep unless you’re on the airbed beside her,take her out at request beside you, put her back into the cot, take her out again…

Your hubby offered to do cleaning etc for you so you can do crafting the evening, you accept gratefully but then you just do the cleaning/tidying mostly yourself anyway and very angrily, as your Mojo doesn’t want to play ball.

What… You don’t???? You never do??? Well… it’s just me then… Sad smile 

Got stuff out for the bunting swap, even found some Shrink plastic so might use that tonight. But think apart from cutting buntings and doing some stamping I’m not going to do anything creative today…. Ah well, back to watching TV and reading it is then…

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I hope to craft this weekend but fear that I might get sidetracked!