Thursday, 29 August 2013

Growing Toddlers!

Because we’re around the girls 24/7, we don’t really realise that they actually grow much, and when we measure them on the height chart, we still think they’re not in the right “height range” (they can still wear 18-24 mths clothing).

However, when it comes to visiting places and them doing things they weren’t able the last time we were there, that’s when I realise that they’re actually “growing up”.

Today we went to see my friend Cat (another twin mum) to borrow her Mei Tai’s as I decided that we won’t be able to take carrier backpacks with us to Germany (too bulky, and the one we borrowed from another twin mum has been sold on). Cat had her 3.5 year old twins in the Mei Tai’s while in Paris, so I thought that should be still ok for the Hobbits in December – but wanted to try them while we’re on a family break in the Borders.

The next stop was Almond Valley Heritage Farm. I’ve got an annual membership (Hobbits still go free), but haven’t been in quite a while due to the weather and us using the Zoo membership a bit more.

The weather was a bit windy and overcast, but we still managed to go and see the new rabbit/guinea pig barn and the rabbit and chicken barn – newly built places. And the girls found a new slide they’d never been down on (and I never saw, probably because we didn’t go to that area while they were doing the building works on above mentioned barns).

Walking quickly into the animal house to see the big pig, calves, goats and donkeys, we went over the bridge towards the play mine and the trampolines, where the girls got lots of fun time.


After a half-hearted snack I was trying to steer them towards the pony and donkey, but the girls spotted the big Jelly Belly bouncer. In the past I told them that they cannot go up there, they’re too small, they can only go up there when they can walk up to the top without my help.

Well… guess what…. I caved, took off their shoes and then … THIS happened….


Unbelievable!!! My little Hobbitses have grown into Hobbits. Winking smile They had sooo much fun on the Jelly Belly, even if Supergirl decided to pour lots of sand onto it and Miss Martian insisted to drop some sand onto a poor barefooted mummy who helped her younger girl to bounce … and that was NOT me! I’m so sorry my daughter was trying to give you a beachy feel… Surprised smile 

Things like this just shows you more than charts etc how your kids are growing…

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Isn't it amazing what makes us "notice" things sometimes? Very adorable.