Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ongoing stories...

Well... guess what ... our dishwasher packed in AGAIN after 2 washes ... again error E4 (something to do with drainage). We finally got an engineer coming around today, same bloke as last time - who was trying for about 15 minutes to get the dishwasher out and then said he can't do anything as he can't get it out. I (still fairly nice) told him that the first engineer got it out and put it back. Reply along the lines "Might be, but I can't get it out, the back right leg is bent and the others are Y POINT???? They are not in our divis"threaded". Soooo... he is going to put in a report, and hopefully that will sort our problem and we'll get either a replacement or money back.

I mean - come on! Having a dishwasher which does only have been con work 2 days out of 7 kinda defies the purpose of that blimming thing, isn't it????

And on other news ... the vicious people still don't let go.

Such a nasty/vicious behaviour is just outright shock to me!!!

Apart from all those nasties of the day I got some housework done, finally got to take the 2 bags of clothing to the recycling place and filled in most of 5 forms for DH as I have "a nicer handwriting". Ever tried to fill in 5 forms (3 pages each with lots of text to write) on one day?? My hand is better now, no cramps or anything... but DH owes me a lot now! ;)

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sharonfruit said...

That dishwasher is a saga in itself. Remind me never to buy one of those ones!

I hope the saddos who are being nasty grow up soon!

S xx