Monday, 25 February 2008

And just when you thought everything is going ok ...

then you get another stone thrown into the way!!!

We've been to our post treatment talk today and the usual "everything was fine with both fresh cycles and the thaw cycle, and of course there's the lower chance of a positive result with the latter anyway" blablablah ... and the usual "Shifting a little weight may help" (not surprise to hear THAT again... it's the only thing they seem to bring up, as there's nothing wrong with the development of my follies and my embies are fine as well... So back to that again, keeping on the diet (FED UP with detox right now, fancy "Gruene Sosse" and stuff like that) and hopefully feel up for a bit of swim or gym come Thursday!

Then we went for a scan, just to check how my endometriosis is doing (well ... more likely how the cyst is behaving). I had very bad cramps last weekend with the period, so was kinda warned, but to hear that the blimming thing is already 4x6cms again!!! Little shock there. So the Doc has involved the main consultant who'd repeated what he said already in November ("You have a very agressive disease [endometriosis] there"). And then the decision, what to do? Go for a big op with clearing out or "just" a laparoscopy with draining of the cyst? We decided on the latter, as the former could mean that something could go wrong and my right ovary could get damaged ... that being of course the one where you can get to easily!!!

Sooooo... I am on the list for an laparoscopy within the next 4-6 weeks (and they do everything to get it done BEFORE we're off to Germany on the 10th April), then probably 3 months on Zolly again ... which means the next cycle won't be until June/July/August (and DH doesn't want it in July as we have lots of games on and it would be a very stressful time).

JOYOUS!!!!! :(

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Dörte said...

Hi ... das ist ja doof zu hören !! Ich hoffe, dass du ganz schnell einen Termin für die Bauchspiegelung bekommst und sie dann sowohl die Cyste als auch die Endometrium-Herde weg bekommen (zumindest hier in D wird das dann gleich mit gemacht) !!! Ist auch garnicht so schlimm - ich hatte das ja im Oktober letztes Jahr !
Ach ja ... bin jetzt krankgeschrieben, weil die Erkältung sich noch in eine satte Bronchitis gesteigert hat und ich jetzt erstmal Antibiotika bekomme ... Ach ja ... das mit dem Gewicht durfte ich mir auch immer von den Ärzten anhören - ist ganz schön dooooooff !!! Ich drück dich !